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Introduction Memo: All candidates for real estate licensure should read this page.  It contains a lengthy explanation of the process of becoming licensed and the course alternatives we offer.  If you call for information before reading this page, we will ask you to go back and read this page before we continue the call.

Online (Hybrid): This page explains our online prelicense course.  The reason it is called Hybrid is that we DO require 8 hours in the classroom to address law that is specific to Vermont.  The online portion covers the national law study.  This page also includes our book recommendations.  If you choose this method of study, you would proceed to the Express Hybrid Registration page.

Online (Hybrid) Registration:  This page takes your to our RE Campus registration page where you will register and pay for the Hybrid Course.  On this site you will be asked to create a user name and password.  The course you will select is Modern Real Estate Practice v 20.  You will be required to pay by credit card.  You may also shop here for the two suggested books mentioned in the Online (Hybrid) page mentioned above

Classroom and Live Webinar: This page introduces our classroom course also offered in Live Webinar format.  You should also consult the Schedule for Live Webinars page (just below).  If you choose this method of study. To REGISTER and PAY for a Live Webinar click on the catalogue link in the upper right hand corner of the website Home Page or the bottom of the left hand column of the website Home Page.

Schedule for Live Webinars: This page provides the schedule for the Live Webinars and VT Law Study courses.

VT Law Study: This page explains our unique course of study for those who will be taking the Vermont portion of the AMP exam.  Typically this includes all our Hybrid students, all our Live Webinar/Classroom students, students who are using other providers who want extra support for VT study, and existing licensees from other states who only need to take the VT portion of the AMP exam because of reciprocity.