40 Hr Prelicense – Classroom

The 40 hour Prelicense Course –  Classroom Version

In Vermont, this course is for Salespersons Only
In New Hampshire, this course is for Brokers and Salespersons

The course is divided into two parts: National Study & State Study.   Full required seat time is 40 hours.  See description below.

COST:  $475 (due on first date; 3 week payment plan available for hardship) is paid by check or cash; $495 if paid by credit card


— Small classes with boardroom seating; includes 6 sessions of 6 hours (national) and 1 session of 8 hours (state)
— Schedule is revolving; you can join at any time; each session stands by itself on the topic described in the course outline
— Lectures from class outline and from slides:
–Session One: Agency; Defining Real Property and Personal Property; Marketing Considerations (6 hrs)
–Session Two: Contracts (hrs)
–Session Three: Title and Deeds; Estates; Landlord Tenant (hrs)
–Session Four: Financing; Federal Financing Laws (hrs)
–Session Five: Appraisal; Property Management (hrs)
–Session Six: Calculations; Property Description; Fair Housing; Closing (hrs)
–Session Seven: VT Law Study (8 hrs)
— Real estate business experiences are discussed (the class is a full course which allows for discussion of practice considerations not necessarily on the exam, as well as regular exam prep)
— Learning occurs through:  (1) Lecture; (2) Class Discussion; (3) Follow-up Reading; (4) Follow-up chapter tests; (5) Reinforcing Online and Phone tools included
— Classes are taught by an attorney/law professor versed in real estate law and by practicing brokers each of whom have managed an office or provided training for an office
— Text book and Review Book included:  Modern Real Estate Practice, version 19.0 UPDATED (2016) and Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Salesperson Exam (2016)


In order to get a Certificate of Completion, it will be necessary for each student to take a final examination.  There is no minimum grade, however, the experience of this exam is intended to provide guidance to the student as to his or her readiness to take the state exam.

Full participation in the complete 40 hour program is REQUIRED and any missed time will be required to be MADE UP at the next cycle, or, at a different location of the school if possible.