40 Hr Prelicense – Online (Hybrid)

National Portion Online – Vermont Portion in Classroom
“The Hybrid Course”

This course includes a complete study of the modern practices and principles related to the real estate profession both nationally and in Vermont.

COST:  $450 (or $475 with review question bank) by credit card in advance

National Portion: Study related to the national portion will be completed online through completion of Dearborn Real Estate Education Company’s ARELLO certified course entitled “Modern Real Estate Practice (National Real Estate Principles) v. 19.1″ which may be completed by a student in one year of study. In addition to extensive reading and online exercises, the student will be required to take and pass various unit examinations and achieve passing scores. Each student is also required to take a final exam administer from the Randy Mayhew School of Real Estate site, however, there is no set passing score.  Each student must also sign documents designed to ensure the integrity of the process and follow other security and registration procedures. The portal used to present this course is Dearborn’s RECampus, a popular provider of online study. Access to the RECampus portal is found on this web site’s home page. A student can realistically expect to spend 50 hours or more in completing this portion of the course, including reading, review and quiz taking. The real benefit is that the student can complete this segment of the course 24/7 from the comfort of the student’s home (assuming the home has access to the internet)….no travel, no worries about the weather, and total freedom to schedule time.

When enrolling in the course CHOOSE Product Type:  Licensing
Choice #1: Modern Real Estate Practice v 19.1 which is $450 (this is the basic course with no review questions);  OR
Choice #2: Vermont Real Estate Professional Track , which is $475 (this is the basic course WITH review questions added)
—————Modern Real Estate Practice v 19.1, AND
—————National AMP Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v 3.0 (Vermont)

You can also go to the bookstore and get hard copy texts:
(1) Galaty, Fillmore W. Et. als., Modern Real Estate Practice, Dearborn, 19th Edition, Update 2016, and/or
(2) Sterling, Joyce Bea, Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam, Dearborn, 6th Edition, 2016.

PROBLEMS WITH THE PROGRAM: A contact person is provided for problems and issues raised. Technical problems are handled directly by RECampus.

* * * *

State Portion: Study related to the state portion will be completed in a classroom setting through completion of Randy Mayhew School of Real Estate’ s course entitled Vermont Law Study which involves a total of eight (8) hours of lecture and discussion taught by an approved instructor for the course. A five (5) page course outline is followed by students as the instructor lectures and reviews over 180 slides designed to highlight and detail points and provide examples. Copies of the slide presentations are provided to students. When time allows, the course may include up to one hour and a half of in class coached study. This is an alternative instruction method involving various types of short answer, multiple choice, check box, and fill-in-the-blanks questions designed to reinforce knowledge of details of the laws as well as proper application of the laws. The questions are projected on a screen and discussed in class. A complete course description of the Vermont Law Study can be viewed by clicking HERE.  The following materials prepared by Randy Mayhew School of Real Estate are included with the course:(1) Vermont Statutes Relating to Real Estate Agents; (2) Vermont Rules Relating to Real Estate Agents; and(3) Study Guide – Miscellaneous Vermont Laws, 2016.

* * * *

Cost of Course: $ 450 paid via the RECampus portal accessed as follows: go to home page, go to the homepage dropdown for Prelicense Education; drop down and click on “Online (Hybrid) Registration.”   This takes you to the signup page and the link to the RECampus portal sign in page where you will create a user name and password and order the course entitled, “Modern Real Estate Practice Version 19.” Additional costs include the books mentioned above for extra study for the national portion & any shipping charges. Costs may also be incurred for (1) any extensions of time for completing the national portion online; or (2) requests to transfer from online to a complete classroom course provided by Randy Mayhew School of Real Estate or affiliate.

* * * *

Special Bonus: As a special bonus, those who enroll in this Hybrid Course will be given 60 days free access to Randy Mayhew School of Real Estate’s Online Vermont Study including Vermont portion practice exams.  These study materials are invaluable tools for preparation of the state licensing exam.