School Policies

1. What methods of payment are accepted by the school?  Are there refunds?

Question 1 Response:  The primary method of payment for all live webinar classes and classroom settings (when available) is by credit card.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover and provide either a payment button or e-commerce cart system to pay online.  We will also accept cash or check.  Payment IS required in advance unless a specific exemption is granted for hardship.  When the school acts as a provider for another organization, the rules of the other organization regarding payment and/or refunds apply in place of this school’s rules.  This school does not refund payments, however, the student is entitled to credit for one year for any direct RMSOR offering.  The school never prorates class fees.  If you find that you are unable to attend classes because you cannot afford the school’s fees, please make a request for an alternate payment plan.  We want our students to succeed and providing an alternate payment plan seems like a reasonable way to help.

2. What happens if I am late for class or have to leave class before it is finished?

Question 2 Response:  The school will not issue a certificate to any student who has missed more than 10 minutes of class time (or 5 minutes of class time for a two hour course).  Up to 10 minutes of class time can be made up during class breaks or immediately after class at the instructor’s discretion provided the instructor has homework available for the student to study.  This makeup option will not be used for larger classes for practical reasons.  The student must submit to about two minutes of questioning from the instructor to assure the homework was completed.  Missed time can also be made up at another course location, date, and time however it is the responsibility of the student to keep track of makeups and advance notice must be given to the school to ensure availability of space.  Private offerings or courses for which the school is acting as provider for another sponsor may not be used for makeup time unless the sponsor consents.

3. What happens if I lose my certificate?

Question 3 Response:  The school will issue a replacement certificate ONLY IF the student submits a written request which includes course name, location, class date, and a mailing address for regular mail delivery or alternatively an email address for PDF delivery only.  TIMING:  Replacement certificate requests are handled when and as time permits at no cost.  EMERGENCY REQUESTS (those requiring action within 7 calendar days) will result in a charge of $25 per certificate.  There is no guarantee that the School can meet a student’s “emergency” deadline, particularly last minute requests near license renewal deadlines.  Generally, all requests should be made at least one month prior to the date the replacement certificate is needed.

Email replacement certificate requests to

4. When am I entitled to a certificate?  

Question 4 Response:  You are only entitled to a certificate if you paid for the course, attended it completely (or met the requirements under Question 2 for late arrival or lost time), abided by all school policies (such as the “no phone calls” rule), and followed all security procedures used by the school for the course which shall include at a minimum a signature on the official class list or checkoff during a roll call for video webinars.  Certificates are not given to non-licensees who attend courses. Be aware that security procedures increase with the size of the class as the instructor becomes unable to keep track of classroom entries and exits.  As a matter of policy, taking calls either inside or outside the classroom during class time will result in loss of entitlement to receive a certificate for the entire course.  The instructor may waive this “no phone calls” policy with or without condition in his or her absolute discretion.  An example of a proper use of waiver is when a participant anticipates a potential emergency call and notifies the instructor in advance.  In this case, the school will try to work out a suitable makeup if the call actually comes in and (added to late arrival time if any) exceeds 10 minutes.

Special Rules which apply to Prelicense Education:

Online (“Hybrid”) Classes:  To complete this self directed study you must: (1) complete the online reading and unit quizzes for national study within six (6) months of your beginning date or within a paid extension date not to exceed ninety (90) days; (2) complete your Vermont Law Study component within one (1) year from your beginning date; and (3) file a Statement of Compliance with the School verifying that all work was completed by you (or as assisted by an authorized person in the event of disability).  Completion of Final and Practice Exams offered from the RMSOR website is recommended, but NOT REQUIRED.

Classroom Sessions (also including live video webinars):  To complete this study you must: (1) complete all classes covering national study materials within nine (9) months of your beginning date (up to three (3) month extension may be granted for hardship situations); and (2) complete your Vermont Law Study component within one (1) year from your beginning date.  Completion of Final and Practice Exams offered from the RMSOR website is recommended, but NOT REQUIRED.

5.  What is the school’s policy on discrimination?

Question 5 Response:  This School (RMSOR) has a policy of making all efforts to ensure compliance with applicable laws relating to discrimination both as it applies to the practice of real estate and to the education process. Specifically, we try to select class locations which are accessible to all.  Please notify us immediately of any barriers and we will work with you and others to overcome them.  Also, RMSOR will not tolerate blatantly discriminatory comments and/or conduct from school participants during class discussions or otherwise.  If a participant is warned that particular comments and/or conduct are considered to violate this policy and the participant persists with additional comments and/or conduct similar in nature, RMSOR may remove the participant from the class without refund or credit.