Student Resources

This dropdown includes Course Materials for persons who are registered in one or more of our courses.  Persons may have different passwords depending upon enrollments.

Once an authorized user gains access to the Course Materials panel, an additional password may be required for access to certain items.

This is also the location where class downloads and practice exercises are held.

What do I do if I have a password and it does not work?

If you are an authorized user and your password does not work, it may have been changed.  Ideally you would have been notified by email of any change, but sometimes the notification emails get overlooked or sent to spam, so first check there.  If this does not solve the issue, send an email request to and in the Subject: line place the words “Email Not Working” or something similar to that.  Make sure you are emailing from the address to which you wish to receive our reply, or provide the desired alternate email address.

What do I do if I need other technical support?

Email a description of your problem and a contact email and number to for the fastest reply.