VT Law Study Online


Prepare for the VT Prelicense Exam (Broker or Salesperson) with guided online practice exams

Sample Practice Questions (8 Questions; 25 minutes) How did you score?

This is an online study intended to provide supplemental study for Vermont real estate license applicants, including both salesperson and broker applicants.  Another popular use is to provide study for licensees in other jurisdictions who seek to be licensed in VT and simply need study materials to help pass the VT portion of the AMP exam.

Vermont Law Study Online basic study package includes:

1.  Vermont Statutes Relating to Real Estate Agents
2.  Vermont Administrative Rules Relating to Real Estate Agents (as published by the Commission) (with supplemental index added by the school)
3.  Study Guide to Miscellaneous Vermont Laws (plain worded summary of major topics of interest to the real estate agent)
4.  Practice multiple choice questions in “coached mode” (question by question analysis of each item in exam)
5.  Practice true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, check boxes, and multiple choice questions for Quick Review of Act 250, Zoning, and Vermont Tax Law

We have had very positive feedback for over six years that this package is an effective learning tool to understand the material and assist in passing the VT portion of the exam.

NOTE:  Over 200 practice questions updated to include amendments through December 2015.

COST:  $100 for 180 days access.  Payment of this fee will also enable you to attend any class scheduled to go over the same material.

HOW TO BUY: To enroll, email mayhewschool@gmail.com and include in the RE line “VT Law Study” and you will receive instructions for access and payment.