Mandatory Vermont Course 2022

2020-2022 Renewal Cycle – Mandatory Course

For Vermont Brokers & Salespersons

This course is designed to cover the required outline and course content adopted by the Vermont Real Estate Commission for licensees seeking to satisfy Vermont’s four (4) hours of mandatory continuing education for renewal of their real estate broker or salesperson license in 2022 (February and March for brokers and April and May for salespersons).

This course is designed to be presented in  BOTH a LIVE WEBINAR and a CLASSROOM setting.  While the Governor’s emergency orders for COVID-19 are in place, this course will be presented ONLY as a LIVE WEBINAR.  The course outline is 29 pages plus 14 additional pages of supplemental materials.  Class handouts will include updated materials when appropriate.

This course is designed to include lecture and discussion and the overarching theme is relevance to day to day practice of the real estate profession in Vermont.  The outline mentions web links where appropriate to provide a launching point for students who wish to delve deeper into a particular matter.

Substantively, the Course is divided into three (3) parts, each taking a little over one hour and a quarter.  Part 1 presents a Real Estate Transactions Tax Review covering land gains tax, property transfer tax, real estate withholding tax, property tax and current use tax provisions as well as the federal Home Sale Gain Exclusion law and statutory independent contractor status.  Part 2 is titled “Current Hot Topics for Agents and How the Rules Play Out,” and includes a discussion of diversity and discrimination, the application of the administrative rules to particular situations common to general practice, a comparison of short term rentals, bed and breakfasts, and accessory dwelling units.  Also covered in this part are highlights of the revised Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Rules and how to handle showings, inspections, and closings during COVID-19 and its aftermath.  Part 3 covers Current Laws, Rules and Cases including a review of the last two years of disciplinary actions and rulings of the Real Estate Commission, Vermont legislative changes and proposals, status of move toward digitalization of municipal land records, and recent Vermont Supreme Court rulings.

Cost $60