Fair Housing Review & Practice Issues

For Vermont Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

This course initially reviews the historic development of discrimination law in housing, including the three (3) major acts that constitute federal law and the two chapters of Vermont law on the subject.  After reviewing the basics, the course turns to an exploration of the practical effect such laws have on the day to day practice of real estate agents with an emphasis on pointing out the differences, including added protection, afforded by Vermont law.  The course ends with a discussion of strategies and procedures for handling fair housing issues, particularly those related to the familial status and handicap protected classes.

This course has been approved by the Vermont Real Estate Commission for 4 elective clock hours for activating or renewing a real estate license in Vermont.


  • To history and coverage of fair housing and related discrimination statutes
  • To explore practical situations where fair housing and related discrimination statutes affect duties of a real estate agent
  • To explore how Vermont discrimination law varies from the national laws
  • To discuss strategies and procedures likely to assist real estate agents in handling fair housing issues


Topics Covered: Development of Legislation to Address Discrimination in Housing (75 minutes); Related Acts including ECOA, VT Public Accommodations Law, and ADA (30 minutes); Advertising (15 minutes); Specific Areas of Concern:  Familial Status (30 minutes); Persons with Disabilities (45 minutes); Public Assistance (10 minutes); Neighborhood Ethnicity and Niche Advertising (15 minutes); General Concerns for Brokerages ( 20 minutes)

Course Fee:  $60