Understanding Easements

Understanding Easements


This course presents the Vermont real estate practitioner with the basic tools necessary to deal with easements in the process of listing real estate for sale and performing due diligence when representing sellers and buyers.   Initially, there is a brief discussion of why real estate agents need to understand easements and how they should limit the scope of service to marketing issues.  The largest part of the course is then devoted to a survey of the basic law of easements, including definitions, how easements are created, how easements are terminated, and the scope of easements.  A short lecture introduces each topic.  Then extensive time is devoted to discussion and analysis of twenty-two specific discussion questions.  It is here that the student learns best practices and legitimate concerns.  This is followed by a special section suggesting detailed approaches to due diligence requirements.  In the end, a short period is devoted to reviewing recent developments in easement law.

This course is approved for 4 credit hours of Continuing Education for Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons in Vermont.


* To review the basic law of easements

* To identify common misunderstandings and pitfalls among agents relating to easements

* To develop appropriate listing and marketing strategies regarding easements

* To develop due diligence skills as buyer representative regarding easements


Course includes a 20 page course outline.  The first 15 minutes include Summary and Explanation of Course Scope and Objectives & Discussion.  The next 155 minutes covers the Basic Law of Easements. Following are 40 minutes devoted to Suggested Due Diligence for Real Estate Agents Regarding Easements and 30 minutes of Recent Developments in Vermont Easement Law.