Online Continuing Education

Current continuing education online courses include:

(1) VT Real Estate Practice Changes – 2015 – 2 hours elective education for VERMONT only.  This class is hopefully only the first of a continuing series of ONLINE education designed to keep Vermont agents on top of current developments on an annual basis.  This particular course covers 2015 which was a very active year for changes.  Learn through reading and through participation in an interactive coached quiz type format.  Everyone ends up with a 100% grade because you are guided to understanding the changes.  It’s fun.  It’s interactive.  It’s effective as a learning tool.  TO REGISTER:  Email and request enrollment.  You will receive the necessary information to take the class.  You can pay by check or credit card.  You can start the class and drop your check in the mail or call with a credit card.  Enrollment Fee:  $25