Mandatory Vermont Course 2020

2018-2020 Renewal Cycle – Mandatory Course

For Vermont Brokers & Salespersons

This course is designed to cover the required outline and course content adopted by the Vermont Real Estate Commission for licensees seeking to satisfy Vermont’s four (4) hours of mandatory continuing education for renewal of their real estate broker or salesperson license in 2020.

This course is a classroom presentation using a 40 page timed outline in tandem with another 24 pages of supplemental materials.  Additional supplemental materials may be included by way of updates.

This course is designed to include lecture and discussion.  There are over 20 different practice notes, practice questions, and discussion points and notes which seek to bring the information to practical application.  The outline mentions web links where appropriate.

Substantively, the Course is divided into four (4) parts, each taking one hour.  Part 1 deals with issues and requirements for entering into and fulfilling brokerage service agreements and is titled “Buyer and Seller Representation.”  Part 2 is titled “Time of Sale Considerations” and includes a discussion of disclosures and notifications required when working with the public consumer or marketing and transferring real property for sellers.  Part 3 is titled “Land Use and Property Rights”  and covers issues relating to the use or limitations of use on an owner’s rights and enjoyment of real property.  Included are topics such as the Vermont Shoreland Protection Act, Vermont Wetlands Regulation, Vermont Stormwater Regulations, using the ANR Environmental Research Tool (ERT), and Deferrals of Permits in the Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Regulations.  Part 4 is titled “Professional Practice, Court Decisions, Case Studies and Legislative Changes” and includes discussions relating to practice of the profession and what constitutes unprofessional conduct, recent VREC conduct decisions, Vermont court cases of interest, and recent legislative changes including Aboveground Storage Tanks, Short-Term Rentals, and protection of Accessory On-Farm Business.