Designated Agency – The Basics (Vermont)

This is a TWO HOUR study of the basic designated agency provisions adopted in Vermont for real estate brokerage firms.

Learning Objectives:

(1) To review basic provisions of Vermont designated agency rules;

(2) To understand initial considerations for a brokerage firm planning to be a designated agency firm; and

(3) To discuss issues of practical concern to practitioners in a designated agency firm.

Basic Course Description:

Course will be offered as a LECTURE introduction to Designated Agency rules which are effective December 1, 2015.  The first hour of the course is carefully constructed to focus on the clear terms of the rules. The next forty minutes is spent reviewing required disclosures and likely planning issues. The final twenty minutes opens the class for discussion of how firms may handle day to day issues which will likely arise.  This final twenty minutes is open for CLASS DISCUSSION.

This course is designed to be an introduction to the basics, as the name implies.  Additional courses are anticipated in the future to cover application and analysis of the provisions.


Regular Instructor:  Randall F. Mayhew, attorney and long-time real estate instructor.

Occasional Instructor:  Annemarie Daniels, managing broker of a large Vermont firm, will join us when time permits.  She will more likely be able to attend some of the Burlington area offerings.

Both Randy and Annemarie served on the workgroup appointed by the Vermont Real Estate Commission to help draft the designated agency amendments to the administrative rules.